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BUSINESS Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering as a component of Business Engineering. (BPR)

A Business Engineering initiative typically results in the combination of a number of projects that are executed simultaneously as well as chronologically. These projects could vary from business process re-engineering, to information system or other resource alignment and training or restructuring projects. The problem with a number of change initiatives that are executed simultaneously is that they have the potential for lacking synergy in terms of their contribution to an integrated business solution. A number of change initiatives, thrown together, are difficult to coordinate as there are inevitably result dependencies between them. The architectures of the independent solutions have a significant impact and preferred development sequence between them. The only way of executing a complex initiative, consisting of multiple simultaneous projects, is to provide architecture as an initiating catalyst. This will enable all the projects to be executed within an architectural framework, which provides the projects with the correct scope, content and context relative to one another. Architecture represents the insurance policy over change. 

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