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The mathematically derived and proven procedures and recipes which make up the DISCON Business Engineering Methodology today, allow it to stand alone in the world of Business Engineering Methodologies and Tool Sets.

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A conceptual blueprint that defines the structure and operation of an organization, in relation to its target and external environments.

Human Engineering

The management and mitigation of any resistance against a coming change.

Method Engineering

Method Engineering and Method Execution can be viewed as a system just as a business function, business project, organisation or information system can be viewed as a system

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Project & Programme Management

Business Strategy

Package Evaluation, Selection & Implementation

Programme and Project Management is responsible for ensuring that the correct deliverable is delivered, on time and within budget, and that the resources are optimally utilised during the execution of the project / programme.

Facilitated decision-making directing prioritised actions and how to get there

The compilation of potential packages that exhibits functionality similar to the required functionality by means of GAP Analysis.



In simple terms, benchmarking could be defined as searching for the best practices, innovative ideas and highly effective and efficient systems that lead to superior performance.

Organisation Structuring

Most businesses today recognise their human capital assets as the most important part of the business and will want clarity early on in the project on what the new structure will look like.

Migration Planning

Facilitated decision making directing prioritised actions and how to get there.

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Data Analysis & Design

Data forms the centre of any decision making process in any business, and the data needs to be available at the right time and in the right format. This is particularly relevant in the process of evaluating a package, any change in a business process or change of the physical platform results in data changes. This plays an important role in Data Analysis and Design.

Object Oriented System Analysis & Design

Object Oriented is a way of structuring hardware and software resources in packaged modular units, which will allow the object to be freely connected to and used with any object in environment, providing that the object interface rules be adhered to.

Business Process Re-engineering

A Method Implication of Business Engineering that utilises an architectural framework which provides projects with the correct scope, content and context relative to one another.

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