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HUMAN Engineering

Overview: DISCON Specialists developed its Human Engineering System to help align people and culture with changes brought about by Business Engineering or other projects that cause change in the business. Change Management involves refocusing not only the project team but also the whole organisation. The objective is to get the organisation to anticipate and welcome the need for fast, radical, and planned organisational change. Measurement mechanisms are implemented to continuously measure return on investment. 

Our Human Engineering Approach is unique because:

  • It is a scientific approach to Change Management; an issue often wrongly called “Soft” and “Murky” 
    It is driven from an Architectural bias

Change Management in this manner is facilitated through a scientifically proven technique set, used to construct a business out of a natural combination of building blocks. The course objective is to de-mystify the whole “change management” issue and to give the attendee a good understanding of the scope and content of Business Engineering Change Management (Human Engineering). The course provides the attendee with a good framework for the planning and execution of Human Engineering projects in terms of:

  • Methods to assess the organisational need for change

  • How to align the change strategy with the business strategy

  • Methods and techniques to implement the seven pillars of Human Engineering

    • Communication

    • Leadership Development

    • Training and Development

    • Stakeholder Interventions

    • Practice Development

    • Process Consultation

    • Team Development

  • How to align the workforce with the change vision

  • Who should be involved in change and their roles and their responsibilities

  • The effort involved in Human Engineering

  • The effects of Human Engineering

Who should attend: 

  • Programme Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Project Sponsors

  • Project Leads

  • Business Engineers

  • Business Architect

  • Middle Managers in any industry type

  • Executive Managers in any industry type

Content: ​

  • The Objectives of Change Management/Human Engineering

  • The Differentiating Factors of the DISCON Specialists approach to Change Management

  • Introduction to Change Management

  • The Discon Specialists Change Management System

Duration: 4 Days
Required Training: BEC, BEI

Prices can be located on training page under Booking Form.


A minimum of 5 attendees are required to present the course

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