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PACKAGE Evaluation, Selection and Implementation

Overview: The course is intended to present Package Evaluation and Selection Recipes which create the ability to convert Business Specifications into Package Evaluation Criteria. The processes of Package Evaluation and Package Selection are detailed to reveal the pitfalls and to provide guidelines for the successful implementation of the cycle.

Who should attend: 

  • Middle and Executive level managers in any industry (especially those that are closely involved with the IT function of the business)

  • Business Engineers

  • Business Architects

  • Data Architects

  • Application Architects

  • Technology Architects

  • Business Analysts

  • Programme and Project Managers

Content: ​

  • Facilitation Environments

  • Facilitation Management

  • JAD Session Management

  • JAD Session Structure

  • Audience Management

  • Conflict Handling

  • Participant Placement

  • Behaviour Manipulation

  • Facilitation Techniques

  • Tricks of the Trade

Duration: 3 Days
Required Training: BEC, BEI

Prices can be located on training page under Booking Form.


A minimum of 5 attendees are required to present the course

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