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OBJECT Oriented System Analysis & Design

Overview: The course positions Object Orientation in terms of Business Engineering and what it means to the Businessman. Object Orientation initially started at the technology level of systems. The next generation of objects was programmable processes that were designed and coded as objects. Currently the emphasis has shifted to business objects. The emphasis is on Business Engineering with an Object Oriented framework where business objects can be designed in such a way that one object could be plugged out and replaced with another without having a major effect on the surrounding business operation. Mechanisms are taught which enable attendees to identify required business objects and thereafter to derive technology objects for development or purchase. 

The course enables the attendee to model the Business, Application and Technology architectural levels with Object Orientated techniques

Who should attend: 

  • Middle and Executive Level managers in any industry type

  • Business Engineers

  • Business Analysts

  • Business Architects

  • Programme and Project Managers

Content: ​

  • The course objective is to present an overview of all Object Orientated Concepts with case studies and interactive workshops

  • The course is conducted on a conceptual business level and not at an application system level

  • Case study no. 1 - Horse Racing

  • Business Activities

  • Fulfilment Object Interface

  • Case study no. 2 - Buffelsfontein Mining Co. Equipment Maintenance

  • Function Structure Diagram for Personnel System

  • Function Structure Diagram for Manufacturing System

  • Buffelsfontein Mining co. Equipment Maintenance System (Solution 1)

  • Buffelsfontein Mining co. Equipment Maintenance System (Solution 2)

Duration: 5 Days
Required Training: BEC, BEI

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A minimum of 5 attendees are required to present the course

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