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Meta Modelling

Overview:  This course gives the attendees a good understanding of Method Engineering and the relevance of Meta Model Objects. It also serves to clearly identify the need to enforce levels of abstraction and to establish Method Engineering as a Business Discipline.

Who should attend: 

  • Middle Managers and Executives in any industry

  • Business Architects

  • Application Architects

  • Data Architects

  • Systems Architects

  • Technology Architects

  • Business Analysts

  • Programme and Project Managers

Content: ​

  • Eight Dimensions of DISCON SpecialistsArchitecture:

  • Strategy

  • Object

  • Time

  • Locality

  • Organisation

  • Function

  • Data

  • Systems Operation

  • Business Engineering Project Management with an Architectural Bias

  • Management with an Architectural Bias

Duration: 2 Days
Required Training: BEC, BEI, BEW, DAD

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