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Definition Business Engineering 

In order to define Business Engineering three things need to be described:

  • What is it?

  • What does it deliver?

  • Through what does it deliver?

Business Engineering is:

  • A radical approach, initiated by executive commitment

  • To deliver short-term and long-term business benefit

  • Implementing and utilising an organisation specific set of methods that will
    meet the changes of time.

Business Engineering delivers

a total market repositioning based on industry networking,
achieved by involving customers, suppliers and all other stakeholders. Business processes are
changed, organisation structures are affected, the governance of the organisation is challenged
and measurement mechanisms are implemented to continuously measure return on investment.


In an exercise like this

project management is deployed to contain risk, manage the delivery
and ensure cost efficiency. Architecture needs to be established as an integration and control
platform for any business change. Change management techniques are utilised to counter the
trauma of the radical changes, to deliver business buy-in from the stakeholders and to install a
learning culture.


Stakeholder Benefits

The definition of Business Engineering was derived from the matrix below; where the stakeholders  are mapped across the benefits they will receive. Each of the intersections represents the combination of mechanisms that will be used in this particular Business Engineering approach, to deliver that particular benefit.

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