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MetaBuilder is an Architecture Management tool (software) developed as an integral part of the delivery mechanism for DISCON Specialists internationally acclaimed Business Engineering Methodology.

MetaBuilder is an Architecture Management tool (software) developed as an integral part of the delivery mechanism for DISCON Specialists internationally acclaimed Business Engineering Methodology. The software is scalable to be used by corporate companies as well as private individuals in any industry type. The tool has a graphical interface that enables the creation, updating and publishing of models such as strategy, capability, value chain, operating model, organisation structure, processes, information, technology deployment and much more. MetaBuilder through its embedded rules-based Metamodel, ensures the accurate delivery of all aspects of the methodology.  

Graphical modelling is enabled by shapes and connectors which represent predefined classes in the database.  The shapes are presented in subject grouped stencil sets which can be dragged and dropped onto a canvas to construct the required model.  The allowed relationships between shapes, represented in a model by connectors, are controlled by rules encapsulated within the Metamodel.

The set of modelling stencils provides the user with the ability to model all aspects of an organisation within the scope of the DISCON Methodology.  The delivery of all the required elements of Architecture ensure “Control over Architecture”. 


To offer international leading architecture management software that:

  • Is backed by a well-defined and proven architecture management methodology and framework;

  • Is complemented with a support base of competent methodology consultants and reference material;

  • Has formidable graphical modelling techniques;

  • Has the capability to accommodate any industry, organization or project specific methodologies; and

  • Is Affordable.




Enables Architecture, Analysis and Design and Solution Development

Includes Strategy, Business, Process, Data, Information, Application and Technology architecture domains.

Is Metamodel Driven with a Rules Engine

But also allows for using other organization and project specific metamodels.

Uses DISCON's Holistic Metamodal and Powerful Techniques

As a best practice standard but can be customized

Has Graphical Modelling Capability

With supporting capability to maintain content using a textual editor.

Has an Intelligent Database

That is not proprietary

Allows for Team Work and Content Sharing

That enables De-centralised Execution with Centralised Control


MetaBuilder is sold as a Client Edition that can be complemented with a Server Edition that allows for Team Work and Content Sharing. The client edition is also sold as a Developer Edition that caters for more advanced features such as metamodel customisation. The Client Edition has optional modules for Business; Data and Information; or Application and IT Infrastructure modules. The following shows an Overview of Metabuilder features:

  Desktop Edition:

  • Metamodel Driven

  • Methodology Rules Embedded

  • Graphical Interface

  • Stencil Sets

  • Integrated Repository (Database)

  • View In Context of other Objects

  • Mapping between Objects

  • Versioning

  • Reporting

  • Importing / Exporting

  Server Edition:

  • Diagram / Object Synchronisation

  • Diagram / Object Transfer

  • Status Tracking and Customisation

  • Rules Engine

  Developer Edition:

  • Metamodel Customisation

  • Symbol Set Customisation



Client OS Requirement:

  • MS Windows OS

  • Windows 10

Client & Server Database Requirements:

  • SQL/ SQL Express or Later Versions

Reporting Software Requirements:

  • SQL Compatible Tools

  • Integration - XML Semantic/Text

  • MS Office 

I.T. Infrastructure Requirements:

  • 32 / 64 Bit

  • As per .NET and SQL

System Management Technology:

  • MS Security Layer for Server Integration

  • MS Windows Installer

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