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DISCON Specialists is an organisation that was formed in 1994 by the two founding members, Bert Engelbrecht and Patric Edwards. The organisation's primary reason for existence has always been to aid and enable businesses to address business problems pro-actively, effectively and to effect change to these organisations in a controlled manner. 

What we do


We do not sell a methodology; we provide a philosophy and a framework to methodologies. Our point of departure was the establishment of a meta-model to provide solutions to business problems. This meta-model was then objectised into true object-oriented methodology objects. For all of these methodology objects we have developed methodology techniques of which some are already strung together in hundreds of methodology recipes, tailor made to specific problems.


Our Mission

To enable our clients with a world class change capability through the delivery of toolsets, training and the very best advice on engineered business solutions, exceeding expectations by making substantial and lasting improvements to their business systems while creating sustainable organisational performance improvement.

Visit Us

142 South Street, Falcon Crest Office Park, 

Grasdak, Centurion

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